I am a TERRIBLE person..but they kind of deserved it

I have had a terrible day. I woke up feeling really bad and I should have called into work but I didn’t because I’m a freaking adult.

The minute I got home, I hadn’t even been in the door for 30 seconds and the phone rings. It’s a robo-dialler calling me for the absolute, last and FINAL time about my car’s warranty being out of date or something. Because I was in a mood, I pressed 1 to talk to a live agent.

Her: Hello?

Me: I’m sorry, can you hold for JUST a second?

Her: Uh..sure?

I set the phone down and pulled up this video on Youtube of goats screaming like people. I picked up the phone, hit the speakerphone button and said, “I’m sorry for making you wait..hang on just one more second.” and then I hit the play button, making sure the volume was all the way up.

Her: OK. (video is playing at this point, goats are screaming, it sounds vaguely human like) Oh my GOD! Ma’am? MA’AM? Are you OK? Ma’am?

I’m trying not to laugh my ass off, biting the inside of my cheeks to keep me from laughing out loud. Meanwhile, Phone Lady is quietly freaking out and then she realizes she’s being trolled. She mutters something that sounds like “Goddammit.” and hangs up. I hang up the phone and just burst into laughter. I’m not sorry I trolled her either.

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