Thanks, overactive brain

3 am this morning


Brain: It’s 3 am I must be lonely!

Me: Shut up.

Brain: What’s that thing..what do they call it when you have like..a ghost person who comes and cleans behind you after you actually clean but they’re not really a ghost?

Me: A maid?

Brain: NO NO NO. That’s not it. It’s..ghost..something. I swear it.

Me: No, you’re thinking of a maid.

Brain: NO I AM NOT.

Me: Shut up so we can go back to sleep please.

Brain: Mmmrf. I still think it’s called a ghost something. Like when you have a ghost writer, but instead of writing, they’re cleaning.


Brain: Aaaw the rain’s gonna wash away I believe it!’s 3 am..dun dun…

Me: Seriously?

Matchbox 20’s 3 am video

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