Wow…whatta nightmare

So Monday, my husband tells me we’re booked for the Vista over Spring Break in March. I do the thing I ALWAYS do and start researching, since she’s a new ship to us. I read cruise reports on Cruise Critic and I search for tour vlogs on Youtube. I look at deck plans of the ship to find out where our room is (midship, deck 1, with a window. It’s not a balcony but I ain’t mad about it).

Last night, I had a nightmare. I dreamed I forgot to pack anything for myself for elegant night and we were wandering around this giant shopping mall type area in the ship (which was more like an actual shopping mall than what exists on the ship, probably). There was a guy on quad skates who was pushing people as he skated down the walkway and nearly pushed me into a plate glass window.

Then I went inside one of the stores and all I could find was this ugly, eggplant colored thing with giant shoulder pads and I was crying because all I could think was “I’m gonna look like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl!!!” (I look nothing like Melanie Griffith.) I was standing in the middle of this store, surrounded by clothes and mannequins, clutching this ugly purple dress and crying hysterically while my husband and son stared at me.

THEN I couldn’t find any shoes and while they did have a shoe store, it was impossible to find women’s shoes. And when I did find some (it was via some app that a sales associate had on an IPad he was carrying around) they were ugly as sin. Black patent leather with ankle straps that were way too big for my ankle and even the last hole on the strap made them gape-y and weird with the strap just sort of dangling along side my foot like a weird tentacle or something. I said no thank you and decided to keep looking on my own for shoes that were going to fit better and look better and that didn’t have a weird ankle strap thing going on.

While I was wandering around looking for shoes, dragging Hubs  and J behind me, one of the registers caught fire. Because Hubs is a volunteer with the local fire dept, he helped them put it out.

Somehow we ended up back in our room with about six random people following us (I have no idea why..they were just THERE),which in the nightmare was a suite (we can’t afford a suite). And I went to go shower an change and freaked out because the bathtub was about to overflow. And as I bent to turn off the water and drain the tub, I hit some button or something on the wall that called the medical people because it was apparently meant for people who slipped, fell and couldn’t get up in the bathroom. As I was freaking out about being grilled for accidentally pushing the call for help button, the alarm goes off and I wake up in a bit of a panic attack.


I hate my brain sometimes. I REALLY hate my brain sometimes.


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