Gluten, I wish I could quit you


I didn’t make it even two days..not even two days, y’all. Two days and I got sad of eating sad little salads at work that were mostly lettuce with a couple of carrot sticks and two slices of cucumber—because that’s how we serve them, along with some shredded cheese, which I also picked out, some ham or cold popcorn chicken bites and a boiled egg that comes in these nasty packages of water. They’re seriously nasty. I don’t like eggs anyway so I don’t eat them. Last night I gave in..again..and had a handful of ginger snaps and some milk. Breakfast this morning was two Poptarts and a glass of milk because I just couldn’t face another morning of  forcing down a bowl of sticky, gluey, tasteless oatmeal.

It shouldn’t be this hard to quit gluten. It really shouldn’t. And maybe I picked the wrong time of year to do it, because it’s really cold out right now and windy, which makes me want to stay in bed and eat bowls of mashed potatoes and gravy that are larger than my head. I can’t look at cold, bread-free foods and go “Yeah. I want that so bad right now.” because I can’t. I want WARM food that’s going to make me feel better. Not cold, tasteless crap because that’s all I can have because I’m gluten-free.

How do people who actually have to avoid gluten because they’re truly allergic to it do this shit?

It also doesn’t help that right now I am stressed out because  my husband showed me this wicked bruise he said he’d had for a week that ran from his knee all the way down to his ankle. His entire knee was swollen up and just below the kneecap was a lump the size of a friggin baseball. He went to urgent care and it turns out, he has tendinitis due to repetitive stress from bending at the knee, squatting and kneeling for years due to his job.  So for the next two weeks, he’s not supposed to stand for long periods of time, kneel, squat or otherwise bend his leg at all. I don’t know how he can do his job (merchandising manager) without doing those things, especially when they get their truck of new merchandise several times a week and it has to be unloaded and put away. He’s supposed to talk to his boss (who is off today) about it today so we’ll see what happens. I hope they don’t fire him. We can’t afford for him to get fired over this. I’m not even sure if it’s legal to fire him over being injured but I can’t swear to it because Texas is one of those states where you can be fired for pretty much any reason without notice and it’s very difficult (except in certain circumstances) to get worker’s comp for injuries or to go on disability. That much I do know. And with the holidays right around the corner and a cruise (which he didn’t tell me about until a few days ago) that needs to be paid off by January…I’m a wreck. Which makes me more prone to stress eating and shoving all the pasta, all the potatoes, all the bread right into my fat face.

Why can’t life just be EASY for once?


2 thoughts on “Gluten, I wish I could quit you

  1. So sorry life is pooping on u right now!!!! I wonder if adding your protein would make it easier to cut back on gluten? I’m no nutritionist but sounds like your body is hungry and needs protein. That’s my uneducated, amateur diagnosis.😆


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