Reached out to two more companies

I doubt I’ll get so much as a “Thank you for your interest” email (which I haven’t even gotten that from a lot of the companies I reached out to, but I kind of expected that, as well) but I’ve reached out to both Tarte and Jeffree Star’s beauty brands.

I’ve got my fingers crossed…so here’s hoping.

3 thoughts on “Reached out to two more companies

  1. Those are pretty big brands so unless you have the followers and engagement most likely you will not hear back from them at all. Sometimes when you’re starting out it’s good to go through smaller shops or focus on building up your blog and instagram first.


    1. Well..there’s no harm in trying, right? LOL And I don’t do Instagram..I mean you kind of almost HAVE to have an Instagram, Twitter AND Youtube following THESE days but fuck that. I don’t have the time or the interest for that.

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      1. Of course, no harm! Just sharing things I’ve learned. Even I have a tough bout sometimes because I don’t focus on my Instagram growth. But almost all brands prefer Instagram growth over blog growth which is sad.


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