This is why I friended my mom on Facebook

My mom and I (like many mothers and daughters) have a relationship that’s complicated at best.

But today she made me laugh by accidentally going live on Facebook. I’m pretty sure she didn’t KNOW she was live, as it was about 5 minutes of just papers fluttering and some colored pencils. I THINK she was working in one of her coloring books, based on the papers that were sort of fluttering about and the colored pencils.

I know I probably SHOULDN’T be laughing, but I tend to laugh at inappropriate times. Like when you hear a fart in church and you know you shouldn’t laugh but you laugh so hard the entire congregation turns to stare at your weird ass.

4 thoughts on “This is why I friended my mom on Facebook

    1. I accidentally butt dialed 911 in the middle of the night one night when I left the phone on the bed. I think I must’ve rolled over on it or something. I don’t know how I ended up calling them but I had my earbuds in and had the shit scared out of me when I heard ” (County) 911..what is your emergency?”.


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