You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–North Sentinel Island No-No edition

When I heard about this other day, I just shook my head and slapped my hand against my forehead.

Now y’all, even though I’m a heathen, I grew up in the church and I know that in the Bible it says y’all must go out and preach to everyone who can hear it. HOWEVER..and this should have been included but it’s not because it’s common sense…if the people who you’re preaching at don’t want to hear it, then stop doing it. Because you’re GOING to get hurt, one way or another. If you’re lucky, you might get only your feelings hurt and nothing else.

Now, if you’re not sure what the North Sentinel Island is, it’s basically an island in the Bay of Bengal in India which is completely and 1000% off limits to FRIGGING EVER DAMN BODY. The tribe that lives there speaks a language that is essentially a lost language because it’s unlike any other language spoken in the surrounding areas. They haven’t seen much of modern technology and they’re basically still in the Stone Age. The Indian government has said “DO NOT mess with these people or you will be really sorry.”

The young missionary knew that. He believed that going under cover of darkness was God’s idea to keep the Indian Coast Guard from finding them. And even after the tribespeople showed shooting at him with arrows…that they DID NOT want him there, he persisted.


Well, when you’re young and dumb and incredibly eager…sometimes you make really stupid mistakes. Unfortunately this time it ended in his death.


Don’t be stupid y’all. If the government says “Don’t go there.” and the tribespeople say “We don’t want you here.” by shooting at you, then listen to them. Don’t go there. Don’t STAY there once you’ve been shot at.

Pass the tequila.


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