Thanks, Anxiety Brain

Me: I am really tired…I think I’ll go to bed.

Brain: But..if you go to bed now, you’ll forget about moving Gerald.

Me: I’m so tired, though.


Heart: Did somebody say anxiety? HEY Y’ALL! Time to speed up!

Lungs: Hearing and obeying!

Brain: AAAAAAALRIGHT! Anxiety party!

Me: Shit.

Brain: IF you don’t move it..even though he’s too old for this stuff and he STILL believes will ruin absolutely freaking EVERYTHING. You do know that, right?

Me: *whimper* Yess…….

Brain: *parties anxiously*


I got up, made a bunch of rings to form a chain so he can rip one off each night before he goes to bed and moved the damned elf.

Thanks, Anxiety Brain.



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