Snowfall on the Bowery update

I got through the first section, which is all DC (double crochet), fine. It’s when I reached the second section (which includes chain 1 and chain 2 instructions for an eyelet look) that I ran into trouble.

You see, I was following the written instructions without even looking at the graph on the back of the written instructions. I rarely use graphs when doing a crochet project because my brain tends not to interpret them properly for whatever reason. After a few rows of the eyelet section with me not getting the right stitch count (73 stitches throughout, because it’s supposed to be rectangular in shape), I got frustrated and ripped it back to the DC section. Then I flipped the pattern over, to see if I could look at the graph and figure out where I went wrong.

That’s when I figured out that the problem wasn’t with was with the written instructions, which did not include the instruction to skip a stitch whenever you made a chain stitch. So the written instruction might say: DC *Ch 1, DC* (where * indicates that you would continue in this pattern to the end), the graph actually says: DC *Ch1, Skip 1, DC* instead.

I have written a brief email to the designer, Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands, and let her know of the problem so she can fix it.

Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, then everything started going straight as it was supposed to instead of getting wider and wider.



The lovely Ms. Tavel emailed me back and said I must have gotten an uncorrected copy of the pattern by accident and she sent me a copy of the corrected pattern. 🙂


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