New Year, New Resolutions

So it’s New Year’s Day again..the traditional time for people to swear they’re going to eat less and exercise more and be more spiritual and all that other jazz that people promise they’re going to do but don’t actually end up doing every single year.

This year, I’m not making any promises, other than that I will TRY to eat less and I’m most likely going to exercise more now that I have a gym membership. I’m going to try to be less irritated with my son’s behavior. I’m going to try to yell at him less and encourage him to do things for himself more. I’m going to TRY to spend less money on junk crap that I don’t need or that’s not good for me (er..sorry, 7-11. I swear I’m not addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper with Raspberry). I’m going to try to hit my step goal (currently 15,000 steps) every day and maybe even up that goal by June. I’m going to not focus on my weight as much and focus on just feeling better and exercising more. I’m going to cut my caloric intake from about 1,500 calories per day to around 1,200. Hopefully. I’m going to try not to stress about it though.



3 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions

  1. Can’t go wrong with trying. Here let me play a little music to get you going — *curing up Janis Joplin’s “Try (Just a little bit harder) * Now we’re boldly moving forward! Looking forward to reading more from you this year! I’m Mona, btw. Do you go by a first name? I always feel weird when I don’t know what to call someone. Have an awesome 2019! Mona aka M.L


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