You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–HobbyLobby Return Fail edition

So this one comes courtesy of a trip I made to Hobby Lobby the other day while escaping my husband and son (who were bickering over a video game) under the pretense of going to the library and the gym. I actually went to the library, because there was a book (which will be the subject of a future Terrible Reads review post) on hold for me and then I went to Hobby Lobby (because I am a yarn addict and needed MORE yarn, even though I got TWO yarn kits for Christmas and have a crapton of leftover bits and pieces from other projects in my pantry) and McDonald’s for lunch (where they gave me a large fry instead of the small one I’d ordered but hey…more fries for me. I wasn’t about to complain.).

The line at Hobby Lobby was pretty long and they ended up calling somebody from the back to come run a register. But lucky me, just as he opened up the register, the phone rang.

Cashier: Ma’ Ma’am? Do you have the receipt? Normally we don’t allow returns past about 14 days but if you have the receipt…

I could tell she was cutting him off from the way he suddenly stopped speaking.

Cashier: Ma’am..let’am..let me transfer you to a manager who’ll be able to speak to you about this.  You’ll probably be only to return it if it’s something we still carry in stock.

He pushed a button and transferred her to some unwitting manager and finished ringing up my purchase. He then apologized for having to take a phone call in the middle of ringing me up. I told him it was fine..I used to be in retail myself, after all, and my husband is a retail manager. I know that this stuff happens all the freaking time. I asked him how old the return she was trying to make was.

A year. He said she’d told him she’d bought the thing (whatever it was, he never told me) a year ago and was trying to return it NOW.


Now, you and I both know that you can’t really do that. Especially with a store like Hobby Lobby (who I’ll post a rant on later, because my local one has changed their store lay out..and not for the better. 😦 ) that changes their merchandise constantly.  And I hope that the woman on the phone wasn’t hoping to get a full refund in cash, because the usual thing to do is you get store credit.  And that’s IF the item is still in sell-able condition.

I kinda want to know if the manager let her return whatever it was she was trying to return. I bet he didn’t.

Pass the tequila.


8 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–HobbyLobby Return Fail edition

  1. I am SO glad I don’t work in retail anymore. Although, I still work with the public and get to see stupidity first hand every day. Good times. Not.


  2. People never cease to amaze me with this kind of thing. I was in line at the Walmart customer service desk a few years back, and a woman walked in with a filthy bathroom rug that was clearly years old, slapped it onto the counter and said, “I need to return this rug.”

    The customer service lady looked at it like it was covered with scabies, because it probably was, and said, “And what’s your reason for returning it?”

    The woman said, “It got dirty.”

    I think about that woman on probably a weekly basis.

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