This week’s exercise goals

I think I’m going to start posting my exercise goals every week on Monday (though obviously this is Tuesday so I’m a day late). My main goal this week is to alternate between the “Gentle Rolling Hills” workout and the “Mountain Climbing” workout on the treadmill at the gym (it’s pre-programmed into the machine so I don’t have to do anything but decide how fast I want to go). My other goal this week is when I’m doing the “Gentle Rolling Hills” workout to push myself and set the speed a little faster at 3.0 instead of the 2.5 I usually work out at, as well as be able to sustain that for the entire workout session. I think I can do it, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve done the “Gentle Rolling Hills” workout several times now and it’s getting to be a little too easy, I think. I still enjoy it, but I need to make it more challenging.


I also came to a revelation about myself yesterday morning at the gym.

I’m a walker and a climber. I’ve tried (and failed) C25K more times than I can count and I really WANT to like running. But every time I see somebody running along side the road, on the treadmill or whatever, they look absolutely miserable. Whenever I tried C25K, I was miserable too. But something about hiking (whether it is virtual via the treadmill or me going outside and using the hiking trails in my town) and hill climbing (again, virtually, via the preprogrammed series of workouts on the treadmill since where I live it’s pretty damned flat) just..IDK. It sparks joy in me. And that’s what exercise is supposed to do right?

Weight as of Monday morning–195.2


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