Unexpected blood work sucks

So I had an appointment with New Dr’s office tonight. They sprang unexpected blood work on me, which almost caused me to have a panic attack. Fortunately, I got what I think is probably the best damn nurse in the practice because not only did she get it right way (without me having to even really tell her) that she needed to go for the fat little vein in the back of my hand with a butterfly needle instead of trying to dig around in my inner elbow. She talked me through the entire draw, so I didn’t freak the heck out on her.

I wish I remembered her name (I forgot it 5 seconds after she told me because my anxiety was through the roof) so I could request her next time I go in to get blood drawn. She was kind of awesome.


According to New Dr, I should’ve had my Zoloft dosage upped months ago. So that got upped and I need to go back in about six weeks from now to review how I’m getting on. She said I also might need a sleep study because I have the distressing tendency to wake up in the middle of the night having panic attacks. But she has to get prior approval from insurance FIRST and with my luck, they won’t approve it.

So..more Zoloft. Nothing added to that..not yet anyway.

And I lost 3 lbs between the time I saw her back in mid-November and now. So I got that going for me.

BUT no more gym for me..at least for the time being. I went to go dig some change out of my purse and found out my license expired four months ago. Oops. I totally failed at adulting on that one. I’m going to have to take a day off work next week to go sit at the DPS and get my license re-done. Crap. AND I woke up this morning having a panic attack..so that was fun. I totally failed on my diet today as well because I ate Pop Tarts for breakfast, had a massive slice of red velvet chocolate chip bundt cake at work today (it was my boss’s birthday) and then had McDonald’s for dinner after my dr’s appointment.

I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ve been doing SO good all week. I’ve managed to walk almost 30 miles in the last 4 days (per my Fitbit). Another 12 miles and some change and I’ll have walked all the way from Hobbiton to Bree. I’ve been doing SO good this week and then today had to go and muck it all up.


Oh well..there’s always tomorrow, right? Right. Never give up, never surrender.

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