You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–Riding the Roof Rails edition

First off..can I say I LOVE the name of the town where this took place? Canning Vale. It’s so goshdarn cute.

Ok sorry.

Now, as a teenager, inspired by this scene

from the movie Teen Wolf, we would go out on the back roads and go “urban surfing”. It worked better, in our heads anyway, if the car in question had a roof rack, because that way you could plant your foot under the front rack bit and you were less likely (in theory anyway) to lose your balance.

That didn’t make it a not stupid thing to do. It was supremely stupid and unsafe. But because we were teenagers, we thought we knew better. We thought we were invincible.

You would think that a grown ass adult who is a parent would know better than to let her child do this kind of thing, however.  Because babies or toddlers (as this child clearly was/is) don’t have the capacity to think “Hey..this could possibly kill me if I fell off.” That’s the parents job…to do that thinking for them. Parents are supposed to keep their kids relatively safe, even if the kid WANTS to do something dangerous, like ride around on the roof of the car.

Y’all…I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Pass the tequila.


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