On A Roll Hooded Scarf Pattern review

The On A Roll booklet is a free booklet I found on a hanging peg in the yarn section of my local Hobby Lobby. They make booklets and idea sheets available throughout the year at various times, so you’ll never know when you’re going to find a new one being displayed. This one is called “On A Roll” and features three patterns which are designed for their house brand Yarn Bee’s Sugarwheel line of yarns. Two of the three patterns are crochet…one for a ‘bandanna scarf’ and one for an infinity-style scarf. The third is for a knitted hooded scarf (sometimes called a scoodie), which is what I’ll be reviewing today.


The pattern suggests using the colorway called “Cinnamon You There”, which has a dark yellow, teal blue,  cinnamony brown-red, dark orange and a light aqua block self-striping pattern.  (In fact, it’s the one nearest the bottom of the picture on the front of the booklet next to the text at the bottom.)  I don’t like the colors in it, so I chose  the colorway “Glazed Donuts” which has a light gray, light pink and dark gray block self striping pattern.
The pattern itself is fairly easy and if you’re a relative newcomer to knitting, it’s something that you could do easily. The only stitches involved are knits and purls..no increasing, no decreasing, no fancy yarn overs. It’s perfect for zoning out in front of Netflix since there are really only 4 rows, two of which repeat for the first 20 inches of the scarf, then 2 different ones which repeat for the next 18 inches for the hood section an then the first two repeat again until you run out of yarn. All you have to do, once you bind off and weave in the ends, is sew up the hood section (easily found because it’s got one side without the seed stitch patterned edge).

Because I knit left handed and I’m using an aluminum circular needle (the pattern calls for a size 10 and I’m using a size 8 because that’s what I’ve got. Plus I think size 10 would make the fabric a little looser than I’d like.) which doesn’t grip the yarn well, it’s going slowly. However, even though I only started on this Saturday evening, I’m already well into the hood section

. 50309644_10218321034605404_2110777702142181376_n


I don’t knit as often as I used to…I’ve been crocheting a lot more but I have really been enjoying this simple pattern while I binged episodes of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” over the chilly MLK Jr. holiday weekend. As I’ve found with past cakes of Sugarwheel, the yarn is pretty soft and not terribly hard on my hands despite being a 100% acrylic yarn. The texture and softness is actually pretty similar to their Hobby Lobby’s Crafter’s Secret line of yarns which is also a 100% acrylic yarn if I’m not mistaken.

I look forward to finishing this and wearing it as we enter the coldest part of the year here in Texas. Late January through the end of February tends to be very, very cold for us. It’s really the only bit of winter we get.

I hope you enjoyed this review and happy yarncrafting, my friends!



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