You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–Nobody Asked You..or Me either edition

I’ll admit..nobody asked ME if I wanted to be born, either. And I don’t exactly have what I’d call the greatest relationship with my parents. But I wouldn’t go so far as to sue them (mainly because they are barely scraping by as it is) because they didn’t ask me if I wanted to be born. I mean..what were they supposed to do? HOW do you ask that question of an unborn child? “HELLO IN THERE!!! Y’all wanna be born or should we just abort you?”

What kind of idiotic thinking is that?

I get that some people are very strongly child-free. That’s OK. Nobody’s tying you down and forcing you to have children you don’t want.

What really cracked me up, though, was this image from the dude’s Facebook page:

Nice eye-bra, bruh. Is it Gucci?


I don’t know about you, but I can’t get my son to do anything. And, as he’s not yet old enough to have a job that he actually gets paid for, he doesn’t pay my bills. Even if he did have a job, the only bills he’d be paying would be his own for things like his cell phone (which he’s not allowed to have UNTIL he can pay for it himself), things of that nature. Would I be pleased if he suddenly started contributing to the household budget? Well, DUH. Of course I would. But I wouldn’t FORCE him to turn over any part of his paycheck he didn’t want to. That’s silly. We’ve gotten along for fifteen years without him paying a cent. We can get along for a while longer without him paying us anything, I think.

I can’t even, y’all. This is just too ridiculous.


Pass the tequila.



2 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–Nobody Asked You..or Me either edition

  1. He must really hate his parents if he’s doing something that stupid. I’m grateful my parents never asked me to pay anything out of my paycheck. I think most young people start out making very little money anyway and they’re (hopefully!!!) trying to save up money to move out and into their own place. Can’t really do that if you have to hand over part of your check to your parents. I say help kids get OUT of your house. LOL But I don’t have kids so I’m only speaking from the position of the kid. And that was a long time ago.


    1. IDK…some of it MIGHT be cultural differences (he’s from India) and my parents never asked me to pay for anything either except what I wanted to buy myself (clothes, etc). But then again, when I was a teenager, I didn’t make squat so there wouldn’t have been any point in taking my paycheck anyway.

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