Weekly Weigh In and a Scale Victory

So as of this morning, I weigh 191.8, which is almost two pounds down from last week. I had the SHITTIEST week last week with nacho day AND taco day in the same dang week (whose bright idea was that, by the way?). I didn’t push myself as hard at the gym as I could have or even should have. I slacked off. But I still managed to lose weight because I kept my caloric intake under 1800 most days, managed to get in 15,000 or more steps at least 3 or 4 days last week and fasted until noon on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the days I screwed up.



I’m THAT much closer to my baby step goal of 180 lbs, which I’m hoping I’ll hit by Spring Break  (week of March 10 for us). But if I don’t, that’s OK too. I’ll just go on vacation, try not to gain TOO much weight (which is always difficult for me when I’m on a cruise) and pick it up again when we get back.

I’m hoping that by the end of the school year (end of May for us) I’ll hit 175, which means I’ll no longer be obese but just plain old overweight. I know during the summer I’m gonna go at it hard by going to the gym every morning, doing laps in the pool in the mid-morning or early afternoon and then hiking for an hour or so after dinner because I REALLY REALLY miss that right now with it being so dark and wet and cold.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In and a Scale Victory

  1. Congrats! That’s two pounds less you have to work off at the gym! When I’m trying to lose weight, I like to pick up the little dumbbells at Target just so I can really “feel” what that 2 pounds, or 5 pounds, or ten pounds feels like. It makes me feel even more accomplished!


    1. Thank you. This week is going to be a crazy ass week because I don’t know how much gym time I’m going to be able to fit in. One of my besties is having her final book fair (she’s a school librarian and she’s retiring at the end of this year), so I’ll be there for the couple hours before I go to work when I’d normally go to the gym. I could go in the evening (they’re open til 10 pm) but by the time I get home from work, dinner gets done, help my son with homework and clean up from dinner, I am pooped. I literally have zero spoons left and all I can do is hopefully dredge up one final spoon so I can read to my son before passing out in bed myself.

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    1. Nope–I’m just trying to keep my caloric intake below about 1800 every day and going to the gym and doing either a hill climb, mountain climb or the “aerobic plus” pre-programmed workout on the treadmill. I’m not eliminating any foods (except peanut butter which has started giving me gas so bad it makes me throw up)…if I want something, I eat/drink it. I just watch my portions.


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