Ok..just curious

If you are following my blog because you genuinely like what I write and am interested in the things I have to say, raise your damn hands. Or drop a comment, even if you’ve never commented before.

The rest of you…why are you here? Are you here because a bot told you that you should follow me because I wrote something specific? There seem to be quite a few of you. And when I click on the link to go see who you are, there’s like..nothing. Or it’s a business page. SO WHY ARE YOU HERE? What about my writing made you go “Huh. I need to follow her.”????lyanna-jeor2

14 thoughts on “Ok..just curious

  1. I think some people just search a tag or something and blindly click the follow button in the hope you’ll follow back.

    I had some really funny “Follows” happen the other day. I wrote a post where I totally made fun of astrology, and I put an astrology tag on the post, and several astrology blogs started following me that day. After I had made a post where I tore astrology to shreds. Cracked me up!

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  2. I’m real and have a blog. But it’s mostly daily drivel. Nothing exciting. I don’t remember how I found you. You might’ve popped up in the “More on WordPress” section of REader and you said something interesting or funny that made me say “I love the way she writes” so I followed you.


  3. The name of your blog caught my eye .i believe we are all bodly going forward. I stay because I can relate to your writing, find you interesting and real in this all too perfect world you are refreshing. I cheer your triumphs, want to reach out when you are struggling, I giggle and feel your frustrations. You are a bright spot in my days.
    Thank you for sharing and putting into words your journey.


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