Autism Logic Strikes Again–Quiet Anger Isn’t Possible

So last night, after my husband left to go to a trivia thing shortly after dinner, I started picking up the house. While I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, I asked my son to go clean his room and pick up the dirty clothes off the floor.

Because I forgot, in my utter exhaustion, to say please, my son was enraged by my request. I could hear him yelling angrily from the other side of the house about how horribly mean I was.

So I yelled to ask him if he was mad.

“Well duh! OF COURSE I’m mad!” was his reply. I asked him if he could be angry quietly, as I had a headache.

Apparently being angry and only THINKING about how pissed off you are to yourself is impossible, according to my son. ALL angry thoughts must be expressed as loudly as possible so the person you’re angry with knows that you are angry with them and exactly what you think of them.

And because my brain can be an asshole, it automatically went:

Thanks brain. No, really. THANK YOU.

I guess you can’t really argue with that logic can you? Because how IS anybody supposed to know you’re angry with them unless you TELL them, right?


2 thoughts on “Autism Logic Strikes Again–Quiet Anger Isn’t Possible

  1. I have to admit, there’s logic in this. My mom tells me I’m yelling whenever we argue and I guess my voice rises in direct proportion to the level of my frustration – I don’t do it intentionally. Never thought about it before! 🙂


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