You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–Carnival Cruise Ship Elevator Shenanigans Edition

Wow. What a week it’s been. I first heard about this incident on Sunday when I was checking out Cruise Critic and went “Hmm…there’s something fishy going on here.” So I decided to investigate.

Now what exactly caused the elevator to stop working is anybody’s guess. Carnival ain’t saying that’s for sure, other than it was something that the stuck passengers did to cause the issue. And when they didn’t get the help they wanted, they decided to try and fix things themselves from the inside by stealing a box wrench from one of the techs trying to help them.

One of the guests caught in the broken elevator posted on Facebook: that when officers finally appeared “. . . they didn’t ask us what happened and they just started trying to pry the doors open with a “box wrench” which caused it to slip anymore…”

(from a article

Not really sure who is at fault here, since nobody’s offering up any plausible explanations as to why this happened or what really happened both inside and outside that elevator. Having been on 15 Carnival cruises now though, on a variety of ship classes/sizes and having seen what kind of people tend to frequent Carnival cruise ships, I’m betting that the bros inside were at fault. I’m betting that they had the drink package and were more than a little drunk and did something stupid. Then when they got stuck and weren’t getting out as fast as they wanted, they got a little belligerent. Why else would you crack the door, probably after being told not to touch it and then being told again not to touch anything (which you can hear in the video) you’re still messing with it?

I’m calling shenanigans on the bros in the elevator. You’re not telling us something, like maybe y’all thought it was a brilliant idea to push all the buttons like a child and then jump up and down repeatedly. Or maybe you thought it’d be a good idea to try and exit just before you got to the floor you were going to so you tried to force the doors open. I don’t know. But I can imagine a wide array of stupid things that people can and have done on elevators that you might have done. So if you did do something,don’t be jerks about it and fess up to what you did.
Because if you take this to court, you might win but I’m betting something comes out that you don’t want people to hear and you will lose big time. I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer not do I play one on TV.

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