I was tired just reading the review

So I was on my favorite cruise message board the other day, reading a review a mom had done about her family vacation with her kids, her in laws, etc.

When she described exactly how much they did each port day, I was like, “Well no wonder your kids were a little cranky.” Because they were going to maximize their fun no matter what. And if Johnny and Susie didn’t WANT to do XYZ activity, TOO DAMN BAD Y’ALL! Because Mom and Dad are doing it and y’all are coming along whether you want to or not.

It felt like I was reading “The Griswolds Go On A Frigging Cruise”. No lie. That’s how over the top WE MUST MAXIMIZE OUR FUN AT ANY COST this woman was.

I think sometimes the key is know your kids limits. Several times she complained that her son wouldn’t eat breakfast and then later, when he was overly tired/ just plain fun-ed out, he wouldn’t eat stuff he’d picked out as snacks to take with them off the boat. Well dammit..I didn’t exactly blame him. When I’m tired and just had too much fun, I’m a little cranky too. Pushing yourself to have the perfect Instagram worthy, Facebookily perfect vacation despite what it costs you (financially, mentally and emotionally) just isn’t worth it, IMO. You gotta draw the line somewhere, yanno?

Just reading  her trip report made me tired. It sounded like she needed a vacation from her vacation when she got back. I know I would have. We’ve done that…go go go until we literally drop from pain (well, me anyway) and sheer exhaustion. That’s not fun. Not fun AT ALL. I remember one trip to Disney where I was literally staggering out to the tram that rode you around the parking lot because I was so tired and my feet hurt so much I could barely stand. (This was way before I learned I had fibro and thought I just needed to push through it.). I had blisters on my heels, on the balls of my feet and between my toes from wet socks (we’d gotten drenched at some point during the day and I’d walked around in wet shoes and socks the remainder of the day/evening). And by the end of the trip, I wasn’t going “Gosh I had a good time.”, I was saying “Oh god…I’m going to need a month to recover from this.” because we’d overdone it.

I think a lot of people do this, maybe intentionally, maybe not. Maybe because that’s just how Americans tend to be wired–go go go until you literally fall over because you’ve got to squeeze every minute until it bleeds and yells uncle.

And it’s not just on vacation. I tend to be the same way at home. I spent Friday and Saturday mostly sleeping because I was just worn the fuck out and couldn’t go anymore. I felt so GUILTY for sleeping and not getting anything done that I ended up doing all the laundry on Saturday and getting it all folded because I didn’t want to string it out for a week like I usually do when nothing gets folded except the towels.

I told Hubs that I felt overwhelmed and exhausted and he was just like, “Yup.”


Slowing down and taking care of myself when I need it the most is one of the hardest things for me to do. Maybe one of these days, I’ll be better at it.

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2 thoughts on “I was tired just reading the review

  1. Agreed on all counts! My husband and I take it easy on vacations, with activities interspersed throughout the day at a leisurely pace and plenty of time to stop and smell the roses.

    Vacations when I was a kid were a nightmare. I remember a particularly miserable trip to Disney with my mother where she made us walk the park for 12 hours, in the rain, and it was about 60 degrees outside and windy. We were all soaked to the bone, wet socks and shoes, blisters, and shivering cold the whole time. We begged her to let us leave the park at sundown, but she was going to get her money’s worth out of those tickets or else, so we stayed until after 9pm. It was the opposite of fun. She still looks back on it fondly. I do not. 😉


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