Yarn Review–WISH yarn review #1

So I couldn’t help myself. I gave into the desire and the temptation and bought some yarn from WISH.com. Just one skein…because it was $2 and with shipping, cost only $3.26 total. So if it’s shitty yarn, I won’t be out that much money on it.


The description on the website reads “10 Colors, New Fashion Baby Crochet Knitting Soft Wool Yarn”. So I’m not sure if it’s ACTUALLY wool or not. The ball band looks blank, at least the part that I can see. I’ll have to take pictures if there’s any writing on the back side of the band when it arrives. I ordered #11, because I like the soft rainbow-y colors. And I noticed that IMMEDIATELY when I went back to WISH to check to make sure I had the description right, the price had gone up to $4/ball.


I can’t wait for this to arrive. The reviews for this yarn on the website are pretty good for the most part, with an average of 4 1/2 stars out of five. Most of the negative reviews seem to be that the balls are smaller than they expected, the colors aren’t true to the photograph and that the wool (if it really is wool and not say, shitty acrylic) is kind of scratchy. More than likely, I’ll be making a pair of Monkey fingerless mitts out of them, provided there is enough yarn to make two mitts. It’s hard to tell from the picture and there’s no details on the website about how much yardage or how many grams of yarn you’re actually getting. So I guess I’ll have to wait and see. According to WISH, it’s supposed to arrive here in the next two weeks so hopefully it will. 😀 And I’ll do an update when it arrives with photos.


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