Crafty Creations–The Sea Dragon Shawl

So the other day when I was in HobbyLobby, I picked up a skein of their Sugarwheel cake yarn (which is honest to god one of my favorites right now) in a bluey-green colorway called “Peppermint to Be”. Which, with “peppermint” in the name, you’d think it’d be red and white. But apparently it’s greeny-blue, like leaves of the peppermint plant.

(photos courtesy of

I decided that I wanted to try tackling a crocodile stitch shawl, something which I’ve tried in the past and utterly failed at. But then I stumbled across this tutorial on YouTube by Youtuber bobwilson123:

I’ve had to fiddle it a bit, since I am left handed and the person in the video is right handed. But once I figured it out, it’s been going REALLY well. It’s killing my hands but it’s SO worth it.

I don’t know how many cakes of Sugarwheel I’m going to end up using for this shawl, probably 2. Maybe 3, depending on how things go, since this is a pattern that absolutely eats yarn like crazy. I’m also going to have to “kill” this with an iron when I’m done to get the scales to lay down flat like they’re supposed to. They’re a little funky right now.IMG_1100

Overall though, I think once you get the pattern down in your head (it’s a 2 row repeat, so super simple to remember), it’s a great one to do while watching TV or whatever (which is what I’ve been doing this morning). I’ve wanted a crocodile stitch shawl for a long, long time and I’m so happy that whatever switch in my brain that was keeping me from figuring this out finally flipped over so I can do this. 🙂

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