You Can’t Fix Stupid Friday–That’s not how immune systems work edition

The other day, I posted something in a thread on /r/AskReddit about vaccines and how, thanks to being vaccinated, my son only got sick a few times a year. Mostly from colds (which everybody gets) and seasonal allergies (which you can’t avoid and he REALLY couldn’t avoid, since Hubs and I both suffer from them as well. Pretty badly in Hub’s case.).

And then /u/curiousgirlforlife had to put her two cents in…which made me laugh my frigging butt off so hard I scared the cats.

All those vaccines makes kids much more prone to illness. Vaccines are poison, and illness is the body initiating a healing crisis to cleanse itself of accumulated poisons and toxins. Talk to any person who stopped vaccinating their kids and they will all tell you that the unvaccinated kids had almost no colds, flu, fever, ear infections, strep throat, eczema, rashes, etc. It’s a very significant difference.


Seriously? I’m not what you’d call a genius, but even I know that’s not how immune systems work.

Oh silly anti-vaxxers, never stop making me laugh.

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Oh..and pass the tequila.


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