Autism logic strikes again–It’s simply not logical edition (Also…spoilers)

So J and I were watching America’s Got Talent (yanno,like ya do). There were some good acts, there were some fantastically horrible acts.

And then there was this guy:


Me: OMG that was so funny.

J: I didn’t think it was funny.

Me: were laughing.

J: But I wasn’t laughing literally.

I sat there, puzzled. I had seen him virtually busting a gut laughing every time the bird took a dump. Because bird poop is funny (unless it’s landing on you, and then it’s less funny).

Me: were laughing…metaphorically?

J: Yes. Because I can do that. Duh.

I still can’t make that logic work. The Vulcans would have a field day trying to sort out his logic.

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