Autism Logic Strikes Again–Because that would be illegal, son edition

So recently, my son purchased Animal Crossing: City Folk with some money my mom sent him for making good grades.



Last night we had THIS conversation.

J: Hey..I wonder if you could well YOURSELF to Tom Nook. (For those of y’all who don’t know, Tom Nook is the shopkeeper in your town who you sell your excess butterflies, fish and whatnot too. He is a Tanooki, a Japanese raccoon dog. Also, you are the only human in this town populated by animals.)


J: Why not? Would he want to use me for nefarious reasons?

Me: Yes. And that would be illegal.

J: Why?

Me: Because that would be both prostitution and bestiality.

J: What’s bestiality?

And that’s something I never though I’d have to explain to my 15 year old son.  Fortunately, we have the kind of relationship where I’m mildly comfortable discussing those kinds of things when Hubs (who is much more of a prude than I am most of the time) is not around.

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