I was going to write the first part of a review from my trip last week on the Carnival Vista, complete with pictures (including a selfie from the black out that happened on Tuesday evening) and pithy insights and observations.

But then today, I woke up feeling like THIS:

Dude, Toeggpi I am FEELING you today.

I don’t know why exactly I feel this way, but I’ve been working on trying to NOT have a panic attack all freaking morning. I’m hoping my doctor’s office will call back soon because I need them to send in a 90 day script for my Zoloft, since my husband changes jobs in like..five days. And while his new insurance kicks in about a month after he starts, I’m still gonna need my frigging Zoloft because I’ll run out between the time I use up what I’ve got right NOW and when his insurance kicks in.

IΒ tried to convince him to go with me to a Mexican pharmacy while we were in Costa Maya, but he was like, “Oh hell no. You have NO idea what the fuck you’re getting, if it’s the real thing and it might just KILL you.” because I thought maybe I could pick up a couple months worth there (since you don’t need a prescription) for cheaper than I could buy it at home anyway.

Did I also mention I am mildly pissed at the fact that even though I CAN get CBD here now (there is a store in the same shopping center as the local Hobby Lobby that just opened up) but because I guess legally it’s kind of in a gray area, I’m not allowed to have it due to the fact that I could get fired over it? Yeah. If I did a pee test and it came back positive (even though you can’t ever, at least as far as I understand it, get stoned off CBD oil), I’d be fired.



So hopefully within the next day or two, by this weekend at the very latest, I’ll have posted my review and some awesome photos, including one of me in an underground cave where we got to swim in a river of mineral-infused water. It was kind of awesome.


11 thoughts on “Ack.

  1. That sucks… why can’t government make stuff either 100% legal or make it illegal? They want the tax money, but they don’t care about making it possible to use stuff they let retailers sell…. *ugh*


    1. I don’t know. But seriously, I have enough of an anxiety problem, I might see if I can get my doctor (provided I can keep the same one because they’re AWESOME) to just fucking prescribe it for me. I don’t know yet what the new insurance with his Swedish Retailer job is going to be, but according to what we’ve heard, it’s pretty fucking amazing.

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      1. Hubs called last night on the way home and he said the dr’s office had called in my script for my Zoloft to get me through until his new insurance kicks in. πŸ˜€ YAY!

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  2. Hope you feel better. Glad you had a great trip. I just returned from Vancouver with the entire fam. An adventure. I will share our stories but I have some other things that will post first because: laundry, groceries, etc. As for insurance: blah! Don’t get me started.


  3. MT,
    Hope you feel better soon. Back in the late 1990’s, my husband and I walked across the border into Mexico and I thought, I’m going to get some albuterol inhalers because they were like $6.00 and I was paying over $50 each with insurance at the time. So I did, only a couple, but I felt so weird, like I was doing something wrong even though I wasn’t. Anyway, probably won’t ever do that again. My nervous system can’t handle that kind of stress! As to the CBD Oil…I mean, isn’t it just like life? They make it generally legal, but then your company/boss says ain’t happening if you wanna keep your job. Ugh.


    1. I don’t think you’re allowed to just walk across the border now. I still have this ragged old wool blanket Hubs bought me when we were dating from this trip he had to take to a border town for work. On his day off he and his buddies walked across the border, they got smashed on cheap shitty tequila and he bought me a blanket because he was the one who was supposed to get their asses from getting arrested since he doesn’t drink.

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