7/1-7/9 Carnival Vista: Because even at sea, there is STILL Murphy’s Law.


The night before we left, I didn’t sleep at all. Like, the alarm went off at 3:30 and I had JUST crawled into bed around 2:45 because I could not sleep. It’s not like I didn’t TRY..but I just couldn’t.

I barely remember getting everything out the door and into the back of the truck (well..ok. I guess technically it’s an SUV). The minute we rolled out though, I slid my sleep mask on, shoved my earbuds in and promptly passed out. I didn’t even wake up when my husband stopped at the gas station to fill up and grab some drinks. I honestly don’t think I woke up until we reached Huntsville and stopped at the rest stop just before (or maybe it’s after? I forget) you get to the prison. I passed out again, once we got back in the car, until we got to Fairfield and stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast.

Which I’m tempted to write corporate a letter. There were flies everywhere, there was a weird buzzer going off (I think it was on the fry-o-later) and it took FOOOOREVER to get our food. AND they screwed up our order. But I was hungry, so I was like, “Screw it. Ain’t nobody got time for this.” Even though we DID, since we were at McD’s at like 7 and didn’t have to be checked in to board until like 12:30 or so.

I was still pretty sleepy, even though I’d downed a large Dr. Pepper and so while I TRIED to concentrate on the music B was blasting, I could barely keep my eyes open still. I’m pretty sure I drifted off until we at least got to Houston and stopped at the WalMart for a few last minute things we needed at that point, like sunscreen and liquid ibuprofen for J.

By the time we dealt with traffic and making sure our luggage was locked and parked the car AND took the tram to the terminal building, it was around 11:30. We weren’t supposed to check in until 12:30 so we sat outside on a bench and people watched for about an hour. Once we got checked in, we breezed through security and walked straight on..no waiting.

Since we’re at the platinum loyalty level, we were able to walk straight to our room on deck 11 and drop off our carry on that we’d stashed a case of Coke Zero for B and a case of Orange Vanilla Coke (seriously, that is the SHIT. It is SO good) for J and I in our room. As we were walking out, we ran into Eva, who was our room steward. Oddly enough, our room was two doors down from the room we had over Spring Break and Eva was our room steward this time as well. She welcomed us home and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll get your extra blankets, extra pillows and your fan for you.” We didn’t even have to remind her..she KNEW. And we hadn’t seen her in like three months. THAT is how good the memories of the staff are. Seriously. It’s kind of awesome.

B headed to the Blue Iguana for some chicken tacos, while J and I got burgers from Guy’s Burger Joint. Afterwards, I went by the dessert bar and grabbed a slice of vanilla-elderflower cake. And it was delicious. Even J (who is pretty picky sometimes) liked it.

Vanilla-elderflower cake. Holy crap this was DELICIOUS!

By the time we finished eating, it was around 1:30 or so and B and I were both ready for a nap. We went back to our room and J settled in watching Cartoon Network (which he only gets to do on vacation since we don’t have cable) while B and I passed out until it was time for the muster drill. During the muster drill (which was located in the forward restaurant, Reflections), I was facing a panel of grill-work (I think that’s what it’s called) and I could sort of see the people seated on the opposite side. My brain (because that’s how it works apparently) automatically went “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been two weeks since my last good confession…”

And I’m not even Catholic y’all.

This is Matt, our cruise director. I could give him free hugs ALL DAY LONG. He is a long tall drink of chocolate yumminess.

At the Sail Away party immediately afterwards, we boogied our little butts off in the hot sun until it was time for us to go shower and get ready for dinner since we were all sweaty and gross at that point.

B and J, just chillin’ and watching the ocean.

This is John. John had never had Beaver Nuggets, which are fucking delicious. Poor John.
After the Welcome Aboard show, which featured both Matt (who was our cruise director) and John Heald (the brand ambassador brought out to smooth ruffled feathers), we took a quick turn by the Lido deck to grab some ice cream before crashing for the night. We were just wiped the heck out by the time the show was over (around 9:30, I think).

Part 2 coming later today (7/11) or tomorrow.

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