I survived the Carnival Vista 2019, part 3? I think?

I would’ve done this a couple days ago but I’ve been sick this entire week, coughing my brains out and generally feeling like crap.



On with the vacation review. July 3/4

Day 3–Flick Redux and I didn’t know that Studio 54 was appropriate for all ages.

So mid-day on day 3, they re-staged “Flick” since it had been scrapped the night before due to the power issues. It was also Brett (the lovely young man who originated the role of Flick and who, I believe, helped create the show as well)’s last performance in that role as he was retiring to do something else after this cruise. You could tell he really went all out with it, too. He gave every ounce of blood, sweat and tears in that last performance and it was nothing short of amazeballs. I felt honored to have seen his last performance, to be honest.

That night, they also did a show called “Studio VIP” which, according to the digital poster outside the theater, was inspired by disco and Studio 54. Which, because I was born at the tail end of the 70s, I know nothing about. Except what I learned from this movie, which I will ONLY watch for a shirtless Ryan Phillipe.

I always cry when Disco Dottie, the old chick with the white afro wig, dies at the end.

I wasn’t really aware (at least based on what I learned from the movie, anyway) that Studio 54 was appropriate for all ages. I  mean, there were KIDS there, little kids. And there’s a freaking STRIPPER in the show. Part of the pre-show thing is they go around outside where everybody’s waiting to get in and select a handful of people to be a part of the show. So when the stripper came out, there were women (pre-selected) grabbing at him and slapping his ass.

Poor Brett (the same dude who played Flick). I felt bad for him and his fear-boner.


On day 4 (July 4) they had the atrium LED columns all lit up with an American flag. They showed “Captain America” and “Independence Day” as the dive in movies. After we ate dinner, we went to find seats for “Independence Day” and get popcorn (which they provide free of charge, even though it’s really crappy popcorn) for the movie. About a third of the way in, my son said he was sleepy and I walked him back to the room (I wanted to get an ibuprofen anyway, since I had a headache). I came back and my husband and I watched the movie together under the stars, holding hands. 😀IMG_1254I read a LOT on this cruise…like a crap ton. I finished FOUR books (three of them Carpathian series books) on this cruise. FOUR.

One of which was “Things No One Tells Fat Girls” by Jes Baker. I’ve never heard of her before and I’m not sure where I heard of this book, but I downloaded it to take on vacation with me. Because I’m a fat chick and it might give me some insight into life or…I don’t know..SOMETHING. I’m not gonna say it was exactly life changing, but I did really enjoy it and suggest that all y’all (even those of you who aren’t fat chicks, but especially if you ARE) to pick it up.


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