Sir Mix-A-Lot, I am so sorry

Actually, not so much really.


Because I like big shawls and I cannot lie. You other hookers can’t deny when a girl walks in with an itty bitty hook and a big shawl in your face you get sprung.

IMG_1688I finished the first cake of Yarn Bee’s “Wild and Free” and am onto cake #2 because I really do love giant freaking shawls. I mean, this one is kinda biggish already, but not nearly big enough for my personal taste. I’m not some itty bitty lady built like a bird. I have giant frigging linebacker shoulders. So I need a BIG shawl to cover all that, yanno? And really, as far as shawls go, there’s no such thing as a shawl that’s TOO big if you ask me. 😀

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