Another freaky edition to the family

IMG_1756I really really REALLY should not be allowed to craft after midnight. Because this kind of thing is what happens when I do. I was trying to follow the pattern for Jen’s Hugamonster but for some reason, he turned out less huggably cute and more, IDK..weird AF. The problems started when I went to make his legs. His right one came out weird the first go round and I frogged it and tried again. But it just came out more bizarre than before so I frogged it again and tried one more time. This time, I just said “Screw it. I’m sticking a chicken foot on there and calling it good.” He was supposed to have green cat-pupil safety eyes but I realized that while I had the eye bits, I had no safety bit for the back to attach it with. So he got crocheted eyes that I’m not entirely happy with but I’m not unhappy enough with them to just rip them out and start over. And his left arm is wonky..his right arm looks more or less ok but his left’s not right somehow. He came out less adorable huggable monster and more weird alien, I guess.

This kind of shit ALWAYS happens to me when I craft. I end up making the most adorably fucked up toys that only a freak could love.


2 thoughts on “Another freaky edition to the family

    1. Oh hai. 😀 I didn’t expect to see you here. And thank you. I was inspired by somebody on reddit who made like 40 Hugamonsters for her kid’s kindergarten (may have been preK, I forget) class.


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