This is kind of why I love my work Secret Santa

Ever since we got back from Thanksgiving break, she’s been keeping me supplied with Diet Dr. Pepper and Heath bars on the reg.

Today (which was our final day before Christmas break started and our reveal day) she not only gave me enough chocolate to keep me going through the holiday (provided I actually restrain myself, which OK..I probably won’t) but she also got me a Pixie Belle.

What is a Pixie Belle, you ask? It’s kind of like a Furby (remember those?) but smaller. She sings, spins, has light up eyes and even farts. I LOVE IT. I don’t even CARE that I’m a grown ass woman.  This thing makes me laugh my butt off and has become a new permanent resident along with all my other fucked up, broken ass, weird creations, creatures and critters that live on my desk.

Unless I decide to take her with me by fastening her magnetically (which she is designed to do) to my shirt because WHY THE HELL NOT? If I’m GOING to be a freak, I might as well fly my freak flag freely, right?



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