I think I’m alone now (and there doesn’t seem to be anyone ah-rah-hound)

Autocorrect tried to correct it to “arrow-hound”. I’m not even sure what an arrow-hound is.

According to Google, this is an arrow-hound. IDK. I was thinking some kind of hunting dog, like a dog that retrieves arrows from crossbows, but ok. I’ll go with this. Whatever THIS is.

I think I’m alone in this but I gotta ask? Does anybody ELSE hear music..like all the time?

Like when you think, do you hear a soundtrack in your head? Like it’s a radio you can’t quite shut off? I can change the ‘station’ so to speak, but I can’t turn it off.

And sometimes that’s SUPER annoying.

I guess you could say I hear voices in my head, but not weird ones that are telling me that I MUST build a baseball field or that I should go commit mass murder or find Jesus. You know, the NORMAL stuff that people hear in their heads when they hear voices in their heads.

Nope. I get stuck with the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy. Or 84,000 remixes of “Jolene”. Or all the super best mega one hit wonders of the 80s.

It’s probably pretty weird, the weirdest shit you’ll ever read (or maybe not. I don’t know what you read. Probably normal stuff like US Weekly, U.S. News and World Report or The New York Times).

I can’t even begin to explain why I hear music in my head. Sometimes it’s annoying and I just want to stop but if it did stop, I’d probably be terribly sad and miss it and want it to come back.

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