Work In Progress–Baby Sea Turtles Blanket

I’m using a ‘lazy waves’ stitch (similar to this one) to create my own version of a baby sea turtle blanket.


I’m using a size J hook and I Love This Yarn 100% acrylic 4 (medium) weight yarn in the colors white, light taupe, medium blue, antique teal and navy.

It’s a really simple sort of stitch that I can do while I’m watching TV or whatever. The actual baby sea turtles will be made out of scrap yarn that I have in my stash. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for awhile but I just never got around to it. Yesterday, after my blood draw, my husband took me to Hobby Lobby and while I COULD have picked anything I wanted (like the berry-colored yarn I’ve been eyeing for a crochet version of Anna’s cloak from Frozen II, I ended up pcking up these five skeins of yarn instead. I MAY end up returning the navy blue for something else that’s closer to the antique teal, but I can’t decide right now. I may just let it go and use the navy anyway.


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